Magnetic Tongues

Felix Mayer, trombone, objects
Birgit Ulher, trumper, radio, speaker, objects

Magnetic Tongues - Felix Mayer, Birgit Ulher

photo by Gunnar Lettow

Mangnetic Tongues exists since 2020 and showcases the acoustic edge of trumpet and trombone interplay. Both musicians / composers have a wide range of extended techniques and work with objects like plastic cups, radios, metal foils and vinyl. They explore the projection and reflection of sounds in the respective concert rooms with their special acoustics. Questions of acoustic spatialization, perception of proximity and distance, transmission and superimposition of sounds play an essential role. They choose an individual setup of trombone, trumpet and extensions of the instruments in which their approach is pointedly reflected. Mayer and Ulher create monolithic sound fields with complex inherent structures ranging from single sounds to monochrome white noise and superimposed dense textures.

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