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Reviews: Pögiff

Birgit Ulher: trumpet, radio, mutes, speaker
Tim Perkis: electronics
Gino Robair: energized surfaces, voltage made audible

color covers in plastic sleeves, cdr edition of 100

bug incision

The excellent Robair-Ulher tag-team (previous releases on Creative Sources and Rastacan are killers) is here bolstered by the presence of Tim Perkis, frequent Robair collaborator and Bay Area fixture (he's also put in time as a member of the recently-archived League of Automatic Music Composers). The Robair-Ulher discs are sparse and taut, all tension and no release, but Pogiff features a slightly more expansive sound palette, largely due to the nature of Perkis' laptop + electronics contributions. Processed field recordings, subtle electronic grit, and swoops of sound intermingle with Ulher's tight, ultra-controlled, lip-smacking trumpet playing (with radio!) and Robair's trademark appraoch to analog synth and percussion (his 'voltage made audible' often sounds like, alternately, a computer trying to sound like a field recording of crickets in the night or a dentist's spit-sucking machine). This is a record that demands your attention, constantly bubbling under the surface, trading bluster for little gestures.
bug incision, label description

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